Definitions, implementations and best practices: SCRUM, Lean, Kanban


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What is SCRUM?

SCRUM is the most popular Agile Methodology.

SCRUM is a framework how software is developed.
The SCRUM Framework is a set of e. g.:

SCRUM is originally a rugby term.

What are the main SCRUM values?

  1. Transparency
    All people in a SCRUM project (Development Team, Product Owner and customers) need a common understanding of what “done” means for each requirement.
  2. Regular Inspection
    We review the project to determine the completeness of the project. If there a variances we do a root cause analysis.
  3. Adaption
    We make adjustments e. g. to our process to mitigate problems. The most common reason for an adaption is that people take on more work than they are capable of doing.