Kanban is the Japanese word for “sign board”.

It is a task board way to vizualize the workflow and it is very easy to mark tasks with blocks during the Daily SCRUM.

In SCRUM the task board (KANBAN) has typically 6 columns:

  1. ToDo 1: Backlog (User Stories)
  2. ToDo: Tasks
  3. In Progress – 1: Developement
  4. In Progress – 2: Testing
  5. In Progress – 3: Deployment
  6. Done

But if you never worked with this before, you could easily start with this most simple board:

  1. ToDo
  2. Doing
  3. Done

…and then put in more details with each further project.



Buy the way there are some things I like very much:

In KANBAN there are often 2 testers responsible to test a task.

You can introduce a “Priority Lane” e.g for stories / tasks that are very urgent.

Primarily a Kanban board is used in the Agile Methodology “Lean”, but also in SCRUM and XP (Extreme Programming) used.