Acceptance Criteria are written in simple language, easy to understand – just like a User Story.

In the Sprint Review Meeting the Development Team demonstrate the functionality for all User Stories the have worked on to the Product Owner by showing how each Acceptance Criterion is fulfilled.

Acceptance Criteria belong to a User Story. This has several benefits:

  • they make the Developement Team look through the user’s perspective
  • they make requirements clear and concrete
  • they indicate the tests that will confirm that a feature / a piece of functionality is working correctly and complete


  • The user can only send the form, when all mandatory fields are filled out.

  • All information send by the form is stored in the database.

  • Protection against spam must be given.

  • The page loading time may not increase.

  • The user must enter a valid credit card information.

  • The user will receive a confirmation email after submitting the form.