The Product Backlog (PBL) is owned by the product owner and shows what needs to be done.

It is a prioritized set of high-level requirements to the product (descending by value for the users).

These requirements are called features or User Stories of just stories. The list can also contain Bugs. It can have a technical nature, but in best case it is user-centric.

Ideally each item should have value for the user.

All work of the Development Team is based on the Product Backlog.

The Product Backlog is a dynamic document, which is updated constantly by the Product Owner.

This updating is called Backlog Grooming. The prioritization of the items in the Product Backlog is an also important part of the Grooming.

The Product Backlog is never complete or done. It contains the known and best understood requirements.


Prioritization of User Stories

One method to prioritze stories is “Wieger’s prioritization technique”:

Prio = (value in %) / ((cost in % * cost weight) + (risk in % * risk weight))

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