Definition & Goal (what)

The SCRUM Master is responsible for the SCRUM process. He ensures that SCRUM is correctly and efficient used.


Ensure the SCRUM methology is used effectively and the team performs at its best


Main tasks (how)

  1. Chair & facilitate meetings
  2. Update burn down chart / burn up chart
  3. Communicate SCRUM methology
  4. Remove impediments / road blocks
  5. Coaches the team to its best performance
  6. Ensures close cooperation across the team
  7. Shield the team from external interference


Artifacts responsible for


Events / ceremonies / activities to attend



The Scrum Master is responsible for a working SCRUM process. He works with the Developement Team but is not part of it. He introduces the rules of SCRUM and takes road blocks out of the Development Teams way. He takes care of good and enough communication and cooperation within the Development Team of between the team and the Product Owner.

A Scrum Master is a servant leader. He does not do “command and control”. A SCRUM Master does not judge anyone. He is coaching and educating every member of the SCRUM team in doing SCRUM right and removes impediments.

If a company switches its processes to SCRUM the SCRUM Master will change all processes, procedures and educates everyone in doing SCRUM. A SCRUM Master is a change manager introducing SCRUM in the whole company and is an advocate for the acceptance of SCRUM.