This is the most popular way to track the progress of a SCRUM project.

The Burn down Chart shows the number of issues per day that are NOT done (y-axis) within a time – the current sprint timebox, e.g. 4 weeks (x-axis).

The vertical axis always shows the amount of work.

There are two different types of Burn down Charts:

  • Sprint Burn down Chart
    The Sprint Burn down Chart shows the progress for the duration of the respective Sprint.
  • Release Burn down Chart
    The Release Burn down Chart shows the progress of Product Backlog items / features. Here te x-axis shows the number of Sprints. The SCRUM Master updates the Release Burn down Chart at the end of each Sprint.


We have 80 things to create.

And as the Developement Team starts accomplishing these different stories we reduce (burn down) the number of items we have to create.